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January sales seem to last all year at Jack Wills

I am quite patriotic. I’m British and I’m very proud of it. I drink tea, I eat fish and chips at least once a week, and one day I hope to drive an Aston Martin.  At the moment I can’t afford an Aston Martin so in the meantime I just shop at Jack Wills because as we all know they are fabulously British. Since I graduated from university in 2008 and got a decent job I have started to buy my clothes as well as other bits and bobs from there. My girlfriend also likes the fashions and styles that they sell there, mainly because I introduced her to them.

Yesterday when I was at work the trains were all running late (as usual) so I decided to stay behind a while and do a little bit of overtime. After I had completed my project I thought that I should reward myself for putting in the extra hours, and I thought what better way to do that than to treat myself to something from Jack Wills. I’m not the most decisive person but fortunately on their website they have a weekly picks section which offers plenty of inspiration. I treated myself to a gilet and some sweatpants to go with my hooded top that I’ve had for an absolute age.


I know what you’re thinking – it’s pretty smart right? I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can wear it. I’ll be sure to post a pic when I do! The only problem with shopping at JW is the fact that it can get expensive very quickly. I still live at home so in theory I should have the money to buy their products online, however as I mentioned previously my girlfriend also loves their fashion. Now whenever I buy myself something she notices and says “Oh that’s nice” and automatically guilts me into buying her something. She’s not that bad – we always buy each other clothes. I guess that’s the reason why I seem to spend twice as much as everyone else does on their online store. Oh well. It’s not all bad because Jack Wills always seem to have some kind of sale on – especially on their online store. I tend to search on Google for a discount code that I can use at their checkout. Some websites just have bogus codes that don’t really work or have expired, but most of the time with a little bit of searching I can find a good site with a decent  voucher code – eg: Jack wills discount code

Back to the original story – I ended up buying her a nice Eccleston tee, which will arrive with my order. It’s her birthday next week so I’m going to wrap it up and give it to her as a small surprise – even though I’m always buying her things from Jack Wills she will probably expect it for her birthday. Oh well, at least I found the voucher code and got about £30 knocked off the original price!


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